Bad beat? Shut up about it!

I wonder why we berate poker players when they play a hand loosely and suck out on us.  Time and time again I see people react negatively towards the players that outdrew them

I think poker players do this for several reasons;

EGO – They want the player that busted them to KNOW they were outplayed and “just got lucky”.  And they dare not make an excuse for being in the hand and think they played it right!

PAIN - It hurts to get outdrawn.  Might as well channel the pain elsewhere right?  And, of course there is no better target than the person who sucked out on us!

SHORT SIGHTEDNESS – We are perfectly fine with the way our opponent played the hand.   We WANT them to play poorly, we just don’t want them to play poorly and then HIT.


.Because of these and other factors I forget or am clueless about, it is quite easy to give in to our impulse to call out our opponent for a bad play that ended up smelling like roses.  Here are a few reasons I think we should fight off these urges and shake their hand and say “Good game”.

  1. We are civilized – We play poker mostly with friends; or at the very least, with people who are going through the tough Topsy Turvy, upswing/downswing, kick in the nuts process of being a poker player. The hand is over, your tournament may be over, deal with it.
  2. Tap the glass? – A bit of a more selfish motive; why tap the glass?  Do you really want your opponent to smarten up and start playing better? Again, realize that you are upset that they sucked out, not the fact that they played the hand badly.
  3. Solitaire poker? – React this way too often and the fish will stop be playing poker with you.
  4. You are nice guy; here you go, I will pay you off – Another selfish motive. Players do not mind losing to a nice guy.  Players tend to be less confrontational and competitive at the table when a player is nice, easy going and positive. Don’t miss out on this opportunity because you lost your cool immediately after a bust out.

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