215 words that most losing poker players must read

Stop it!  Stop telling yourself  and anyone within earshot that BANKROLL MANAGEMENT is the reason you are a losing player.  You lose at poker because you are not good enough…  AT POKER!!!

From the people that blog about knowing how to win but not doing so to those that refuse to think about any of their REAL leaks, I am sick of hearing about your lack of discipline.  The fact is, if it was true that Bankroll Management and game selection were the most significant problems with your game, you would totally rock at poker and easily compensate for these shortcomings with your world class poker skills.

So for those losing players that are convinced bankroll management is a significant reason for their lack of results, SNAP OUT OF IT!  You are in total denial and are NOT focused on improving your game.
For those that use this excuse as a crutch, but have at least a little bit of doubt that they are not being honest with themselves and others, you are not fooling anyone!  Please stop spewing this nonsense.  This act is very transparent and embarrassing.  Give yourself a fighting chance at success.  If you want to improve at poker take inventory of your play, find your TRUE leaks and work on them.
Are you equally as worried about/frustrated with “Bankroll Management-tards?  Want to share your perspective? I would love to hear your comments.

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  1. Is hard for someone to admit his failure so he look for reasons that don’t put him in bad position.

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