The 3 skills needed to win at poker

Poker Strategy, stripped down to its most basic form…

1 – You need to recognize what is going on

2 – You need to know what is the most profitable action according to No.1

3 – You need to execute from your findings in no.2…

When looking to improve our poker playing, we are essentially working on these 3 main skills.  At first glance, this statement can make poker seem like the simplest of games.  Unfortunately there are 3 main problems that make poker progress difficult

  1. The vast number of sub skills included in each of these skills
  2. The uncertainty of which of these skills are the most important, creating a lack of focus
  3. Some errors are much more costly then others

In the next 3 parts of this series, I will elaborate on the three main skills posted above and how the 3 main problems affect each of them.

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