Are you an avid poker player who considers poker a hobby?  Are you looking to improve your poker skills?  This blog will help you achieve your poker goals.

Most competitive poker players face a tough challenge;  the internet offers tons of poker strategy but most of it is not geared towards them.  Most of these online resources focus on:

  • Teaching new players about the basics of the game.  This is geared towards getting people to start playing poker
  • Teaching players how to be profitable enough to quit their day jobs and become professional poker players
  • Attention grabbing nonsense aimed exclusively at generating traffic ; hoping to sell referral and affiliate commissions

This blog is different

Poker4value.com is focused on players looking to continuously improve their game without necessarily looking to “turn pro”.  The main focus of this blog will be to arm its viewers with the tools necessary to grow as competitive poker players.

About Jeff Mcintyre

Jeff has been playing poker seriously for over 8 years.  Growing up playing sports and other games of skill he always obsessed about the intricate details that determined the winner of any given competition.  A key organizer of a 40+ monthly poker league with his friends, Jeff prides himself from getting the most out of the game of poker.  He strongly feels that poker players can enjoy the strategic and competitive elements of poker while still enjoying the social benefits of the game.

Jeff has consistently won at the low stakes for the past 5 years.  He has also become the “go to guy” when it comes to discussing poker strategy with his friends.


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